Product and Service Launch II (PR 416) Course Details

Course Name: Product and Service Launch II
Code: PR 416
Pre-requisite Course(s):
Objective: This course presents introduction and practice for service launch as same as in real proper working life. We examine public relations acquirements on specific services, developing communication strategy, execution of strategies, tips for customer relations, presentation to the customer, tips for working with communication agencies. Thanks to this ability, we examine not only product/service launch but also the role of public relations in advertising. The course readings tackle a number of fundamental questions: execute a high-impact product launch? Which conditions affect the launch? What contributes to the perception of target group? How to organize an effective creative team? How to visualise the message on Ad-Works? How to prepare an effective presentation to the customer? How to measure the effect of launch? How to work in an organization (firm government agencies, communication agencies) as public relation expert with marketing approach?
Content: This course will focus on, firstly understanding the importance of public relations expert who has a marketing approach. Secondly, after reaching the importance of this fact by understanding a how does the PR expert develop a launch, how is the launch report presented to the customer and how is the launch report executed by advertisement and creative agencies under the PR expert’s directorship. The course will focus on learning and best practices for product /services launches
Term: Spring
Theory: 0
Application: 3
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 3
Course File: