Journalism II (PR 492) Course Details

Course Name: Journalism II
Code: PR 492
Pre-requisite Course(s):
Objective: The aim of the course is to prepare for the “Atılım Haber” newspaper publication with using the applications of the Journalism profession.
Content: This course starts with the definitions and the functions of the concepts and the tools of the journalism. Then it continues with the applications. During the period, the texts as news, article, comment article, reportage are written (or produces), and the images which are accompany to the texts are supplied (or produced). Throughout the semester, students has to give 9 assignment. Each assignment can include in more than one task. Throughout the semester, 3 issue are prepared for publication.
Term: Spring
Theory: 0
Application: 3
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 3
Course File: Course File