Faydalı Kaynaklar

Various useful sources for our students

Dropbox – Probably one of my most FAVORITE tools, Dropbox is a cloud tool that has been a lifesaver for me a million times. Registering is free and gives you 2GB of space.

Google Scholar – You can use Google Scholar to search for scholarly articles, excerpts, and documentation.  It’s a great way to find legitimate sources for a research paper or homework.

Reddit – Reddit compiles popular images, links, articles, and whatever you want into a condensed list. It helps you with your homework and studying.

Google Docs: Website | iPhone App | Android App 

Google Docs are a tool that every student should be familiar with-- these easily shareable documents are invaluable at every step of the learning process from peer-editing to study guides and reviewing. The Google Docs app makes this service available on-the-go so that you can edit, view, and share documents even when you don’t have your computer with you. Make sure you have this app before your next study session! 

The Online Books Page: The University of Pennsylvania’s The Online Book Page as it houses well over 30,000 books online and for free!

Project Gutenberg e-book catalog with over 46,000 titles available that you can read on your Kindle, download or read online. There isn’t a fee attached to using the website, but there is a request for a small donation to continue the work the site administrators are doing.

OpenStax: OpenStax provides textbook style books to all students. There are currently topics covered in the areas of art, business, humanities, social sciences, science and technology and math/statistics.

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African Virtual University: Multimedia Design and Applications

African Virtual University offers a course that provides an overview of graphic tools. Multimedia Design and Applications is available in a full module and offers further readings. The course examines digital resources, web design and 3D objects.

About.com: Graphic Design Basics  and Introduction to the Elements of Design

About.com offers a variety of free lessons on graphic design. Graphic Design Basics teaches users the fundamentals of graphic design by demonstrating the elements and principles of the field through two basic classes. Introduction to the Elements of Design teaches users about shapes, lines, texture, mass and color. Within the course, students will create a folder of design samples to use throughout the individual lessons.

Absolute Cross: How to Use Drupal's Contemplate Module  and Typewriter

Absolute Cross offers users free tutorials on graphic design and Photoshop. How to Use Drupal's Contemplate Module requires users to download a module before beginning the tutorial focused on learning how to detail aspects of HTML code. Within the Typewriter tutorial, students will learn to use Adobe Flash to create an animated graphic typewriter effect without using Actionscripts.


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