Chairperson's Message

irfanson.jpgHuman relations and facts of life are not only distorted, but also humanity and humaneness are increasingly transformed into quasi-humanity of the worst kind by fantastic fake-discourses that create factoids and replace the reality we live in. Let’s put this forged narratives aside and introduce our department by using some realities in education:

1. Learning and teaching are possible only if we have teachers who want to teach and students who want to learn.

2. Quality of education in a department depends on many factors. Two of the most important factors are the existence of necessary interest and aspiration to teach and learn. Nobody can teach anything to those who do not want to learn. Nobody can learn anything good (but lots of wrong things) from those who have no proper level of knowledge on a subject. Furthermore, students who want to learn start losing their motivations and hopes if teaching staff have low quality and no interest beyond granting good grades in order to cover up their intellectual and professional inadequacies. Only those students who have no intention to learn and are after only to get their diploma in easy way can be satisfied with an environment of miseducation and ill-education. Our departmental goal is to (a) provide guidance in gaining contemporary knowledge to those who want to learn, (b) make necessary contributions to those who want to build their future in socially sensitive and responsible ways, and (c) enrich their university education through theoretical and practical courses that connect educational environment with  working environments.

3. We try our best to motivate students who have little or no desire to learn by means of sustaining an educational environment that creates interest and orients students to both cooperation and competition in doing best homework or projects, including participating in award giving competitions.

4. Furthermore, success and advancement of students depends on not only our efforts, but also on their efforts in reading current materials, participating in classroom discussions and hands-on projects, searching new ways of self-actualization and demanding better education from us. Establishment and sustainability of an educational environment that fosters not laziness but diligence and enthusiasm depend on productive cooperation among students and teachers. We encourage our students come up with demands that make us and them better than ever. We try our best to eliminate any support and reproduction of laziness, apathy, unfairness and academic dishonesty in our educational environment. We want student involvement in multitude of university activities beyond merely coming to class and going back home. Our educational policy is based on the student centered participative education.

5. You all know that there is no pie in the sky waiting for you after graduation. Very high motivation, involvement and effort are required if you want to be successful in advertising and public relations fields. In return, you get high immaterial gratifications and material gains. So, get ready for the following demands of your profession that we like to prepare you (It does not mean that you have to have all knowledge stated below, but you must have at least basic knowledge and skill in order to meet the requirements of a specific job):

  • Knowledge and skill in serious journalism, research, writing, editing, production and distribution.
  • Adequate knowledge on social sciences, especially in communication, research, sociology, social psychology, culture, political science, marketing, art design and use of computer programs.
  • In depth knowledge and skill in a specific area in your field.
  • Knowledge and skill in designing research and using research findings in decision making.
  • Critical thinking, using your imagination and creative problem solving
  • Analytical thinking, problem formulation and solving
  • Effective speaking and persuasion ability (only in some areas of the profession).
  • Knowledge, skill and personal character suitable to team work.
  • Knowledge in current affairs (so, you should follow current information on your field and read/watch news)
  • Knowledge and skill using your creativity in writing and design.
  • Knowledge and skill on strategy formulation and use of tactics.

6. Universities are not agencies that find work for you and worker for the employers. Our primary duty is to educate students for life and work. However, we, as department, faculty and university, do our best to contribute students’ effort to find job by establishing close academic, research, advising and training relations with state institutions, non-profit organizations and private sector. We always try to explore new avenues of making better contributions to our students during and after their schooling.

7. Our graduates can establish their own advertising and public relations company or can find various jobs in, for instance, government agencies and private corporations. Here are some of the jobs that are for our graduates:

  • Researcher, assistant researcher,  data coder, interviewer
  • Print or press editor
  • Administrator or director in non-profit organizations
  • Coordinator in internal or external relations
  • Fund raiser
  • Development agent
  • Community relations expert
  • Creative personnel in advertising or public relations
  • Advertising or public relations advisor
  • Advisor for a company, institution, organization, municipality, members of the National Congress or political parties.
  • Communication advisor
  • Human resources or training specialist
  • Public affairs specialist, director or personnel
  • Speech writer for company, institution  or for a leader
  • Crisis management personnel, specialist or director
  • Lobbyist or political action coordinator
  • Media relations personnel, specialist or director
  • Multi-media and video personnel, producer or director  
  • Special events, meeting and convention planner
  • Campaign or marketing personnel or specialist
  • Promotion personnel, planner or administrator/director
  • Advertising or public relations campaign planner or personnel
  • Advertising or public relations program/campaign writer
  • Corporate communication personnel or director
  • Publicity personnel, administrator, planner or specialist
  • Webmaster
  • Welfare, contribution and/or donation personnel, planner or administrator  

Our job, duty, expectation, goal and efforts are to make valuable contributions to the advancement of our students and our society by means of a student centered participative education.


Prof. Dr. İrfan Erdoğan