Professional Opportunities for Graduates

As a public relations and/or advertising professional, you can work in the private and public sectors. You can find work in a variety of industries, such as advertising, public relations, health care, media, education, energy/public utilities, entertainment, travel/tourism, sports, transportation, technology, environmental, politics, financial and advocacy groups. You can work for governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The kind of work you do will include

  1. research (e.g., surveys, focus groups, communication audits);
  2. planning and implementing strategic campaigns;
  3. writing, designing, producing, distributing newsletters, billing or paycheck inserts, brochures, in-house magazines, fliers, bulletins, posters, annual reports, speeches, presentations, news releases, tip sheets, pitch letters, fact sheets, media kits, video news releases, online communications (such as websites, web casts, podcasts, blogs), and premiums (such as T-shirts, key chains, coffee mugs, mouse pads);
  4. organizing award ceremonies, dinners, meetings
  5. organizing community, media, or  special events
  6. producing variety of products ranging from the guest list to the napkins, menu, speakers, and centerpieces.
  7. working in particular areas of relationship building, such as consumer relations, investor relations, employee relations, government relations, media relations, community relations, and issue and crisis management.
  8. working as a advertising  or public relations administrator, official, representative, editor, supervisor, director.
  9. establishing your own advertising and public relations company.